Visitor Aware - First Time User Guide

Attention Fenton Families:

As an additional effort to improve the safety and security of our buildings, each school will be implementing a visitor management system called "Visitor Aware" beginning next Monday, August 28, 2023. Visitor Aware is a visitor management and screening service designed specifically to help secure our schools. Visitor Aware is used to ensure that only safe visitors are granted access to this location. This provides an additional layer of security for your children by validating the identities of anyone entering the premises, determining if they are a potential threat, and keeping accurate records of all school visits. Please review the short "How to" videos and corresponding Infographics, as well as the Parent Welcome Packet for more information. Finally, be sure to have your Driver's License in hand the first time you visit our school so that you can get registered into our system. Once you have registered at a school, you are registered at all buildings throughout our district.

Visitor Aware - First Time User - How to Video

Visitor Aware - Check-In & Out - How to Video

Thank you for your help with keeping our students and staff safe!


Visitor Aware Welcome Packet

Visitor Aware First Time User Guide

Visitor Aware - How To Check-In/Out Guide