Hospitalized/Homebound Services

A hospitalized/homebound teacher provides limited academic services when a student is unable to attend school for a period of at least five days due to a significant medical concern. The purpose of these services is to maintain a connection between the student and his/her classes during a time when the student is unable to physically attend school. Hospitalized/homebound is a support service, not a solution for students needing a home program. Services are limited to two 60-minute sessions per week for special education students, and two 45-minute sessions per week for general  education students. This service is provided at the student’s home by a certified teacher.

Assignments and grades are provided by the student’s regular teachers. An adult must be at home when the homebound teacher is present. Hospitalized/homebound services must be requested by a physician in order to receive this service. Parents should contact the special services office (810) 591-8302 to obtain the necessary paperwork to determine if their child needs hospitalized/homebound services.