Programs And Services

  • Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) – A school-based classroom program for children aged three to six who have an impairment in one or more areas of development equal to or greater than one-half of the expected development for their chronological age. The program operates four days per week, 2.75 hours per day, and includes a parent participation and education component. The Fenton Area Public Schools operate early childhood programs at the Ellen Street campus that serves students from this district as well as Lake Fenton Community Schools and Linden Community Schools. Fenton students may also choose to attend early childhood programs operated by the Genesee Intermediate School District. Special education transportation is available to any student attending an early childhood program. Further information about the early childhood program can be obtained by contacting the Special Services office.

  • Developmental Delay Info/Developmental Milestones

  • Priority One Program – Program for students with emotional impairments. The Priority One program is a self-contained classroom for students with significant behavioral issues from the Fenton, Lake Fenton, and Linden school districts. The elementary program is located at Linden Elementary, the middle school program is located at AGS Middle School in Fenton, and the high school program is located at Lake Fenton High School. The program is designed for students who have been unsuccessful in less-restrictive programs and provides an intensive, behaviorally oriented level system with social work support. Placement into the Priority One program is an IEP team decision that begins with Entry an intake process initiated by the resident district special education director. Questions about the Priority One program should be directed to your student’s school social worker or your local special education director.

  • Special Education Transportation Overview
    Special transportation services are available to students who are unable to ride regular district buses due to significant health or behavioral concerns. The decision to use special transportation services is made at an I.E.P.T. meeting. The Fenton Area Public Schools provides special transportation services through either local district vehicles or Genesee Intermediate School District vehicles, depending on the needs of the student and the location of the program the student attends. Special transportation services and lift vehicles are available as needed to enable students with significant health or behavioral concerns to participate in all curricular and extra-curricular activities for which regular bus transportation is provided.Further questions about special transportation services should be directed to the student’s special education provider or the Director of Special Services.