A school may not issue a diploma to a student unless the student earns credit for all courses in the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC).

A school may choose to modify the MMC for a student after developing a personal curriculum based on the student’s individual learning needs.

A personal curriculum may be developed for a student for any of the following reasons:

  • To modify the math requirements

  • To modify the credit requirements because the student has transferred from out of state or from a non-public school

  • A student wishes to go beyond the academic requirements by adding more credits in math, science, English or Languages other than English

  • A student with a disability needs to modify the credit requirements based on his/her disability

  • To substitute one Career and Technical Education (CTE) credit for one credit of social studies, health and physical education or a visual, performing or applied art

Once the personal curriculum has been developed, it must be approved by the Principal to be implemented. Please contact your child’s counselor for more information.