Technology & Information Systems

Technology Strategic Plan

To enhance the use of technology in order to advance student achievement, increase communication and develop a fiscally responsible 21st-century learning environment.


  1. Develop an academic environment that is built on a technological infrastructure to enhance student growth.

  2. Choose and adopt technology that puts communication between students, parents, community, and staff at the forefront.

  3. Make technology purchasing decisions based on research and data that supports student achievement and operational efficiency

Fentons 1:1 Chromebook Initiative

Fenton Chromebook

Fentons 1:1 Chromebook Initiative places a device in the hands of every student, grades Y5-12. This allows us to eliminate computer labs while increasing computer access to every student in the district. Grades Y5-5 students will each have access to a Chromebook in their classroom. Grades 6-12 students will have access to Chromebooks daily during the school day as well as have the opportunity to bring the Chromebook home.

Highlights of the Chromebook Initiative include:

  • A Chromebook for every student in grades Y5-12

  • Google Apps for Education accounts for every student

  • County-supported content filtering for web safety and security

  • Web-based curriculum & resources

  • Anywhere, Anytime Learning