Strategic Plan Goal Area: Support and Development

FAPS will seek and deliver innovative and diverse curricula, instruction and ASSESSMENTS that grow the capacity of our students and staff.

  1. FAPS will develop a district-wide PK-12 multi tiered system of support that includes strategies and supports for: high achieving students, at-risk students and social-emotional learning.

  2. FAPS will align its PK-12 curricular resources and ASSESSMENTS in the areas of ELA, math, social studies and science.

To accomplish both of these subset goals support and development, FAPS is striving to create a balanced assessment system. A balanced assessment system is a system that utilizes summative, interim/benchmark and formative components to provide relevant information for stakeholders at all levels of the PK-12 system.

Guide to Educational Assessment in Michigan - Handout

2017 MDE Assessment System - What it is flyer