Fun Facts

Positivity Project

Proud P2 School

We are excited to be in our fifth year as a Positivity Project School!

Character Strengths

We focus on 24 Character Strengths throughout the year that we all possess!

Other People Matter

If you could be anything in the world, be Kind!


Our goal is to not only learn about each character strength, but to make a difference in the world by taking action!



Mrs. Gordon

I love interacting with the kids and sharing teaching strategies with my colleagues!

- Mrs. Gordon

Mrs. Debo & Family

I love building relationships with my students and watching the 'light' go off when they discover new knowledge!

- Mrs. Debo

Mrs. Miller, SSW

My favorite thing about my role as a social worker is having an impact on young scholars' social and emotional wellbeing.

- Mrs. Miller, SSW