North Road Media Center - Student Resources

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Britannica Fundamentals: Play and read to learn letters, numbers, shapes and more. Recommended for PreK-2nd grade.

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World Book Early Learning: Follow Trek and Taffy the cat around the world. Share their love of colors, numbers, and other fun things. Read-along stories and pictures help teach students basic concepts. Recommended PreK-3rd grade.

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PebbleGo: Content from Animal and Social Studies modules. Leveled reading for beginners. Read-along audio by professional voice over artists. Recommended K-2nd grade. 

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 World Book Kids: Easy-to-read content. Hundreds of activities, science projects, experiments, maps, and more! Recommended K-5th grade. GREAT research links for biographies!!!

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Britannica School: Find information on countries, animals, people, maps, photos, and articles. Recommended 3rd-5th grade.

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Ebooks: Titles supporting K-8 students across all subject areas. Full-text access available; download titles to the most popular portable devices. Recommended K-8th grade.