The district has created this web page to provide information and resources to our community.  This page will be updated as we add information and resources to help our families during this unprecedented time.


FAPS Return to Learn Plan

CLICK HERE to view and download the FAPS Return to Learn Plan
CLICK HERE to view and download the FAPS Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan (October 2020)
CLICK HERE to view and download the FAPS Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan (November 2020)
CLICK HERE to view and download the FAPS Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan (December 2020)
CLICK HERE to view and download the FAPS Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan (January 2021)
CLICK HERE to view and download the FAPS Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan (February 2021)
CLICK HERE to view and download the FAPS Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan (March 2021)
CLICK HERE to view and download the FAPS Extended COVID-19 Learning
Plan (April 2021)

CLICK HERE to view and download the FAPS Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan (Training on Delivery, Access, and use of Virtual Content)

CLICK HERE to view and download the FAPS Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan (Goal Reporting)

FAPS COVID-19 Reporting  Dashboard

COVID-19 Statistics for Fenton Area Public Schools by Building – 2nd Semester Dashboard
COVID-19 Statistics for Fenton Area Public Schools by Building – 1st Semester Dashboard
Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan (Training, Delivery, and
Use of Virtual Content)

Fenton Virtual Meal Pick Up Information

Learn More:

Food Service Update 9/4/20 – USDA WAIVER – ALL CHILDREN 18  & UNDER ARE FREE  UNTIL 12/31/20 OR FUNDING RUNS OUT. Learn more at the link below


Genesee County Health Department – COVID-19 School Toolkit

Please CLICK HERE to view and download the Genesee County Health Department’s COVID-19 School Toolkit
*Please note that the MDHHS and GCHD has updated guidance regarding the self-isolation period. All identified close contacts of the COVID-19 positive case must quarantine at home for 10 days from last positive day of exposure and monitor for symptoms.

Genesee County Health Department – COVID-19 Testing Sites

Visit the Genesee County Health Department website for testing site location – HERE

Remote Learning how-tos

Google Chrome/Clever Login “How-To” for Parents
How to login into the Chrome browser on any device, using the student’s Google login. It also shows how to access Clever, once the students have logged in.
Helping Your Child With Remote Learning


New GCHD School Toolkit

Dear FAPS Families,

Today, May 12th, the Genesee County Health Department (GCHD), reduced the quarantine window from fourteen days to ten days.  From this point on, those students that are deemed a close contact with another person that is COVID-19 positive will be quarantined by the GCHD for ten days.

A close contact is now defined as a person that is:

  • Within three feet of a COVID-19 positive person in a regular classroom or on a bus.
  • Within six feet of a COVID-19 positive person in a band or choir class, a Physical Education class held in a gymnasium or another setting in which there is significant physical activity.

Beginning tomorrow, we will be contacting families of students that may return under these new local health department guidelines.

The Board of Education and District administration thank you for your overall support and ask for your continued patience in navigating the current and future guidelines to maximize safety as health authorities are gradually easing restrictions.  We know that as greater portions of the population become vaccinated and other safety measures remain in place to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and its variants, we will be working towards normality.

We are looking forward to enjoying the end of year events and now know we cannot take these moments for granted as we reflect on the past school year and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our students.Sincerely, Dr. Adam Hartley

GCHD COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics:

April 9, 2021 Update

Dear FAPS Families,

During the Governor’s press conference this morning, Governor Whitmer recommended that high schools go virtual for two weeks and athletics should be suspended for two weeks.  This is not a mandate, rather a recommendation based on statewide data and would be a voluntary decision made at the local level.  Fenton High School, along with our other buildings, will remain open for in person learning at this time.  Aside from continuing to assess the five focus areas listed below, we continue to work with the local health department and follow the guidelines they have set forth based on both the C.D.C. and state guidelines.

Since returning to in person instruction in January, we have maintained our extended learning plan and continue to mitigate exposure by cohorting our elementary classrooms and limiting the numbers of classes for our secondary students to three per day, not six.  We have added personnel to our cleaning and sanitizing crews and many of our staff members have been vaccinated.

Our spring sports season began this week and beginning this Monday, all of our middle school and high school student athletes will be tested on Monday mornings.  If a student tests positive, we will not have to contact trace within the school buildings due to the close contact 48 hour window occurring over the weekend.

This is the turning point for the 20-21 school year and we need everyone to do their part, in and out of the school environment.  Our staff and our families have worked hard to make it back for in person teaching and learning and to provide this opportunity for our students.  Our intentions are to focus on the areas below, continue our working relationship with the Genesee County Health Department and to remain open, for in person instruction, at this time.

Thank you again for all you do and for working with us during these most challenging times.


We will continue to assess the focus areas below and make decisions based on these factors:

  • Appropriate K-12 Staffing

  • Community spread and the impact on the school community

  • Contact tracing

  • Expected trends

  • Mitigating the circle of exposure


Dr. Adam Hartley


Fenton Area Public Schools

Return to School Letter (Jan 12, 2021)

January 12, 2021

Dear Fenton Area Public Schools Families,

Our target date for a return to face to face instruction remains January 19, 2021.  We are both excited and optimistic about having our students and staff returning to school next Tuesday.  We will be running the same five day schedule at both the elementary and secondary levels as we were when we transitioned back to a remote learning schedule before the holidays.  Building principals will be sending more information to you this week as we prepare to welcome our students back into the buildings.

It is critical we continue to work together and make sure everyone is doing their part so we may provide a consistent and quality education during this challenging time.  Having already experienced a period of time where we were providing face to face instruction, we know now what the important factors are in mitigating exposure and helping staff and students remain at school.

While we continue to keep our eyes on the following factors:

  • The ability to provide appropriate K-12 staffing
  • Community spread and the impact on the school community
  • The ability to work with the Genesee County Health Department (GCHD) and conduct contact tracing in a safe and effective time frame
  • Current and expected trends
  • The ability to mitigate the circle of exposure

We will also focus on the following:

  • Making both academics and the mental health of our students a priority
  • Continuing to identify learning gaps and using resources to close those gaps
  • Continuing to maintain a safe and clean teaching and learning environment
  • Continuing to offer support to students and families that may need resources to ensure success
  • Continuing to prepare our students for the next step in their education

We ask our families to do the following:

  • Adhere to the state emergency orders and make sure students are wearing facial coverings to school, including on the bus
  • Contact the main office of your child’s school if they are experiencing symptoms and please do not send your child to school if they are showing signs of COVID-19 symptoms including; respiratory or gastrointestinal issues, and/or a temperature of 100.4 or greater
  • If a family member or someone your child has been in close contact with is showing signs of COVID-19 symptoms, or has been tested for COVID-19, and is waiting for the results, please contact your child’s teacher/administrator and keep them home until the results are available  (Families that practiced this in October/November helped us keep many staff and students in school)
  • Review the GCHD School Toolkit:

Optimism is contagious!  It is approaching almost a year since we had to send staff and students home and face a long list of challenges as a school community.  By continuing to work together and understanding there will be a few more speed bumps along the way to normalcy, we will maintain our optimism and make sure our students see the benefits of battling through adversity.


Dr. Adam Hartley


Fenton Area Public Schools

November 30, 2020 Update

November 30, 2020

Dear FAPS Families,

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the holiday weekend.

We are suspending our food distribution at North Road Elementary the remainder of this week due to our inability to staff the kitchen based on a positive COVID-19 case.  We will again distribute food at North Road beginning on December 7, 2020.

It is important for our families to know that at no time were you exposed to COVID-19 while picking up food.  The suspension of our food distribution at North Road Elementary is due to a shortage of staff, not due to safety concerns.  If you typically pick up food at North Road, please pick up food at Tomek-Eastern this week.

November 16, 2020 Update

Transition to Remote Learning

November 16, 2020

Dear FAPS Families,

Last evening the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) announced a number of new restrictions to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. One of the new restrictions was the mandatory transition to remote learning for all high schools in Michigan effective Wednesday, November 18, 2020. The new restrictions articulate a need for school districts to assess their K-8 buildings with guidance from the county health department. Leading up to our return to in-person learning on October 1, 2020, and each week thereafter, I, along with the school board and the administration team, have been evaluating the factors below as it pertains to our ability to provide a consistent face to face instructional model with fidelity within a safe environment:

  • Appropriate K-12 Staffing
  • Community spread and the impact on the school community
  • Contact tracing
  • Expected trends
  • Mitigating the circle of exposure

Our goal through this pandemic has been to provide a quality education that is consistent and allows our students, families and staff to experience teaching and learning with the least amount of disruptions. To achieve that goal in the next few months, our high school students, along with our middle school students, will begin learning remotely on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

Our Young 5’s and K-5 students will begin a remote schedule on Monday, November 23, 2020. Our target date for a return to face to face instruction is January 19, 2021 (Beginning of second semester).

Continue reading:

November 15, 2020 Update
Dear FAPS Families,
At 6:00 p.m. tonight, Governor Whitmer announced a mandatory transition to remote learning for all high schools in Michigan effective Wednesday, November 18, 2020 through December 8, 2020. This mandatory transition is the direct result of the increasing trends in COVID-19 cases, deaths, hospitalizations and the positivity rate of COVID-19 tests, across the state. More details of what is to be expected during the remote learning transition will be communicated tomorrow, including the remote learning schedule.
The school community has done an outstanding job since returning to face to face instruction on October 1, 2020. Our students, parents and FAPS staff have gone over and beyond our expectations of what had to be done to remain teaching and learning within our classrooms. However, as community spread increases, the negative impact on our school community increases.
We continue to evaluate the rising COVID-19 metrics and how they impact teaching and learning and the safety of our students and staff at our K-8 buildings. Knowing that the current landscape can change quickly, it is important for all of our K-12 families to prepare for a potential transition to remote learning. In the spirit of being prepared, we have created a new Chromebook Form for families to complete if a Chromebook is needed. We have handed out over 1,900 Chromebooks since March and still have devices we can distribute to families that are in need.
Chromebook Request Form:
Again, thank you for your support and your ability to take on any challenge that comes our way. More details will be shared tomorrow regarding the transition to remote learning for Fenton High School and other updates regarding COVID-19.
Dr. Adam Hartley, Superintendent
October 30, 2020 Update
October 15, 2020

Dear FAPS Families,

The school week is over and we are grateful for all of our families and the ability to adapt, be flexible and support the many changes we have endured over the course of the last few months. It is great to have our students in the buildings and learning within our classrooms.

FAPS continues to follow the Return to School Plan, Extended Learning Plan and is keeping up to date with the variety of safety protocols and recommendations from both the CDC and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

On October 9, 2020, MDHHS issued an order requiring school districts to post public notice of COVID-19 case counts.  Our reporting dashboard can be found on the Return to Learn page and our Transparency page on the FAPS website.  Click here to access the FAPS COVID-19 Reporting Dashboard.  The data for each school will be updated daily.

The numbers you see on the dashboard represent the number of students and staff that have tested positive, are probable cases (showing symptoms and having direct contact with someone that is positive), and the number of students and staff that have been quarantined.  There are a number of reasons students and staff are quarantined with the guidance and recommendation of the Genesee County Health Department.

These reasons include:

  • Positive COVID-19 test results

  • Direct contact (6 feet/15 minutes) with a COVID-19 positive person or a probable case

  • Showing one primary symptom or at least two secondary symptoms

While these numbers may look high at times, it does not mean we are experiencing an outbreak at a certain school or throughout the district.  Many of the cases we have worked through with the health department, thus far, stem from close contact to a positive or probable case outside of the school district.  If at any time we believe, and the health department believes, that exposure is high within one or more of our buildings, we will take the necessary steps to mitigate exposure, including shutting down a building for a period of time.

We continue to follow the guidelines established by the Genesee County Health Department located in the COVID-19 School Toolkit and our school staff are doing a wonderful job of following the protocols laid out by the health department to act quickly when identifying possible close contacts.

Please continue to help us maintain a safe learning environment and remind students to wear masks, frequently wash hands, and social distance when possible.  As always, we appreciate your support and the teamwork it is taking to navigate through these unprecedented times.


Dr. Adam Hartley

October 4, 2020 Update

Dear Fenton Area Public Schools Parents and/or Guardians,

First and foremost, I wanted to thank you, our students, and our staff, for making the first two days back successful days of face to face learning.  While the hallways and classrooms may look a little different, seeing our learners back in our buildings was a great experience.  We are hopeful that by following the protocols set forth in our Return to School Plan, face to face learning will occur with minimal disruption.

I wanted to make sure to communicate with you that the recent decision by the Michigan Supreme Court regarding the Executive Orders made by Governor Whitmer, and the authority she has to declare a state of emergency, does not change the board approved Return to School Plan.  One of our protocols for face to face learning is that all learners, Young 5’s -12th grade, wear facial coverings in common areas, while using transportation and within the classrooms.  This protocol has not changed and is still intact within our Return to School Plan.  There is no doubt that over the course of the next few weeks, or even months, the state legislation and the Governor will be making decisions that may impact K-12 schools.  If any changes occur that have a direct impact on our staff or students, we will communicate those changes as soon as possible.

Again, thank you for your support as we continue to navigate through these ever changing times.  The main focus is, and will continue to be, to provide a safe and positive learning environment for our students.


Dr. Adam Hartley


Fenton Area Public Schools

September 28, 2020 Update

September 28, 2020

Dear FAPS Families,

There is a new Executive Order signed by the Governor that will change our Return to School Plan for elementary students.

Facial coverings are now mandated for all students, Young 5’s-12th grade in all areas of the school.  Our elementary building principals will review this new E.O. at their staff meetings this week and will be communicating details of what this new E.O. means via their newsletters.


Dr. Adam Hartley


New E.O.

September 24, 2020 Update

September 18, 2020 Update

September 18, 2020


Dear FAPS Families,

We will be providing transportation for our students beginning October 1, 2020.

If you are utilizing our transportation services, please take time to review the following items regarding our Return to School Plan:

  • Routes and bus stops will remain the same as 2019-2020.

  • Times for each bus route/stop will be available on our website on September 28, 2020.

  • Weather permitting, doors and windows will be opened when cleaning the vehicle and between trips to let the vehicles thoroughly air out.

  • Students will have assigned seats to help with contact tracing as needed, per the health department.

  • The bus driver, staff, and all students in grades Young 5’s-12 will wear facial coverings while on the bus.

  • If a student becomes sick during the day, they will not use group transportation to return home. If a driver becomes sick during the day, they will follow district protocols and will not return to drive students.

  • Students will be required to use hand sanitizer before entering the bus. Hand sanitizer will be supplied.

  • Transportation vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected before and after every transit route. Children will not be present when a vehicle is being cleaned.

  • Frequently touched surfaces in the vehicle will be cleaned and disinfected (i.e. surfaces in the driver’s cockpit, hard seats, armrests, door handles, light and air controls, doors, windows, and grab handles) before morning routes and before afternoon routes.

  • Equipment including items such as car seats, wheelchairs, walkers, and adaptive equipment being transported to schools will be cleaned daily.

  • Parents will take the student into the home if they are not allowed to board the bus due to COVID-19 symptoms.

Again, we are looking forward to bringing students back into our buildings. Safety is a priority.  If you have any questions, please contact Gayle Matthews at 810-591-8911 or email at


Dr. Adam Hartley

September 16, 2020 Update

September 16, 2020

Dear FAPS Families,

On September 14, 2020, at the regular Board meeting, the Fenton Area Public Schools (FAPS) Board of Education approved our Continuous Learning Plan.  In order to comply with the State School Aid Act, as amended by the return to Learn Legislation, public school districts must present a Continuous Learning Plan at each Board meeting and report on the goals written within the plan.  The FAPS plan will be posted on our website as soon as we receive formal approval from the Genesee Intermediate School District and the state.

Our Continuous Learning Plan maintains the same instructional models that are in our Return to School Plan, including both a face to face option and a virtual option.  The plan also includes the same anticipated return date of October 1, 2020 for our families choosing in-person instruction.  The word anticipated is used, and will be used, based on factors that may be out of our control that would lead to another delay in returning to school.  It is important for our families to know that we are planning for an October 1, 2020 return so you may plan accordingly.  More information will be sent home by the building administration with return to learn information in their weekly newsletters.

We are excited to have our face to face learners join us in our classrooms and are working hard to make Tiger Virtual Academy a program that is not only safe and consistent, but is a program that meets the needs of the families choosing to remain virtual.  No matter what model of instruction you chose for your child, please know that we will continue to navigate through the number of challenges that have been placed before us in these unprecedented times.

If you are interested in utilizing our childcare at the Ellen Street campus or our preschool program beginning October 1, 2020, please contact Amber Brown at (810) 591-8349 or


Dr. Adam Hartley

August 28, 2020 Update

Please click here for an update on the Remote Lab for students/families and Food Service.

August 19, 2020 Update

Please click the link below for today’s update regarding August 25-27

August 14, 2020 Update

Please click the link below for the August 14th #WeAreFenton Update from Dr. Hartley

August 11, 2020 Update

Dear FAPS Families,

We have received a number of emails today with a variety of questions.  While we will continue to answer your questions, many can be answered by reviewing the materials that were sent out last night.

Here is the link:

We will be updating our Return To School webpage as more information becomes available.

If you are choosing separate options (Face to face for one child and Tiger Virtual Academy for another), please choose YES in ParentVue when the prompt appears then email and state which child or children are registering for Tiger Virtual Academy.  If you are registering all of your children in Tiger Virtual Academy, you do not have to email the specific names of your children after choosing YES when prompted.

If you have a question regarding our FAPS COVID-19 Return to School plan and the beginning of the school year, please use the email: and include your child’s name and building they attend.  Please know that there are questions we are still finding answers to and once we have those answers we will share them with you.  Adaptability, flexibility and creativity…please keep in mind, things can change overnight.

Both AGS Middle School and Fenton High School will be sending a list of electives that are available within Tiger Virtual Academy.  Please keep in mind, the final list will be determined based on enrollment and staffing.

DEADLINE to register for Tiger Virtual Academy is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 14th

See the August 10th Update for instructions.

Our Chromebook distribution will be the week of August 17th.

Please complete the form linked below and you will be contacted next week to set up a time to pick up a device(s).

As a reminder, building assignments for new K-5 students, teacher assignments for all K-5 students and schedules for all 6-12 students, will not be ready until after the deadline for Tiger Virtual Academy is closed.  Once we have our staffing completed, you will be notified.

I would like to, once again, thank everyone for their part in making the very best out of this not so pleasant time in our lives.  We all want to be back in our buildings and be able to operate in such a way that we are all used to here in FAPS.  We will get there and we will work together for our learners!


Sincerely,Dr. Adam Hartley


Fenton Area Public Schools


From the Desk of Dr. Courtney Szucs

Good Evening,

Many parents and guardians have reached out to the Special Services Department with questions and concerns regarding the start of the 2020-2021 school year for their students with IEPs or 504 plans. First and foremost the special services department is committed to providing accommodations and services through the IEP and 504 process that provide students with an equitable and meaningful educational experience that is individualized for each student. Because of the individualized nature of IEP and 504 plans the district is not able to provide a district wide plan outlining what education will look like for all students with IEPs and 504s since it will look different for each student. Each parent and guardian must decide if they want their student to attend face-to-face or to enroll in Tiger Virtual Academy. We know this decision is not an easy one for many families and the Special Service Department wants to reassure parents and guardians that we will support students’ special education needs in either environment. Parents and guardians must choose what is best for their student and their family.

For students with IEPs:

  • Caseload managers will begin reaching out to families beginning next week.
  • All IEPs will be reviewed and a new IEP or amendment will be held if the IEP is unable to be implemented in all environments (virtual and face-to-face).
  • Special education accommodations, services and programs are not based on the district plan alone. FAPS is following the most recent and relevant guidance available, which states that the provision of special education services, programs and accommodations may include, as appropriate, in person instruction, virtual instruction, telephonic instruction or any combination of those methods. This means that some programs and services may be provided in person, despite the school starting virtually,  if the IEP team determines that is needed.
  • After the start of the school year data will be collected and IEP teams will determine if the student qualifies for any recovery services due to the 19-20 Covid-19 school closure.
  • IEP meetings will continue to be held virtually. Any parent that does not have the ability to participate virtually should let their student’s caseload manager know so alternate arrangements can be made.
  • Special education evaluations that were started during the school closure at the end of last year will be completed early this school year (following agreed upon extended timelines). Evaluation team members will determine if it is necessary to proceed with any of the evaluation in person and will be in contact with families at the end of August/beginning of September.

Students who have a 504 plan:

  • All 504 plans will be reviewed starting next week. Caseload managers will be reaching out to parents/guardians of their caseload students if any adjustments to the 504 plan need to be made due to virtual instruction. Parents may also reach out to caseload managers if there are any questions or concerns.

While I know this is a difficult time for all students, families and schools, I know that as a team we will be able to get through these difficult times while providing students with the needed special education programs and related services.


Dr. Courtney Szucs

Executive Director of Special Services

Fenton Area Public Schools

(810) 591-8302

August 10, 2020 Update

Please click the link below to see the August 10, 2020 update from Dr. Hartley.  More updates regarding Chromebook distribution, the remote start and other beginning of the year items will be sent out in the near future.

July 31, 2020 Update

Dear Fenton Area Public Schools Families,

Last spring the FAPS Board of Education and the Fenton Education Association (FEA) agreed on a two year contract that included the charge to have the 2020-2021 school calendar ready to publish before August 1, 2020.  I am happy to announce the calendar has been finalized and will be placed on our website.  I want to thank the FEA for working alongside the administration to develop this calendar.  You may access the calendar by clicking the link at the bottom of this letter.

After a tremendous amount of thought and discussion over the last several weeks, Fenton Area Public Schools will be delaying face to face instruction until October 1, 2020.  All FAPS students, including those choosing face to face instruction will begin the 2020-21 school year remotely.

More details regarding the August 25th -September 30th remote platform for those choosing face to face instruction will be communicated along with our FAPS Return to School Plan after consideration and approval by the FAPS Board of Education at the regular Board meeting on August 10th. Parents will be asked to make a choice between the options within the Board approved plan by August 14th.

The difficult decision to have our face to face learners start the 2020-2021 school year remotely is based on the following factors:

  • Safety.   At this time there are many questions from staff, parents, students and other members of our school community regarding both physical and social/emotional safety measures that cannot be answered in such a way that provides clarity and confidence in returning to school on August 25th.
  • Cases of COVID-19 are increasing.  Conferring with medical personnel from around the county regarding the recent spike of COVID-19 cases, there is a strong likelihood that, if the trend continues, we could be facing a forced shutdown after we begin face to face instruction.
  • Preparing for change.  Preparing our staff and students for change is essential in these unprecedented times.  Planning for a robust, quality virtual learning platform, along with creating instructional model transition plans for all staff and students is critical. Taking time to train all of our teachers and students on how to access and navigate the virtual learning platform will help mitigate learning gaps that may occur due to classroom, school or district wide COVID-19 shutdowns.
  • Consistency.  Consistency is important for everyone within our school community.  While face to face instruction is our goal, we know consistency in teaching and learning will not be feasible with a face to face return in August.  The delayed face to face start allows our teachers and learners to have a consistent, more stable learning environment to kick off the year.

Please click here to learn more about important dates, information for choosing the best instructional model for your family, special services, and more.

The FAPS Board of Education, FAPS Administration and FAPS staff thank you for your teamwork and your understanding during this unprecedented time.  While detours will be inevitable this year, the finish line remains the same. Providing a safe, positive learning environment for our students is the end goal.


Dr. Adam Hartley

FAPS 2020-2021 School Calendar:


Does FAPS receive the same funding for virtual students vs. in person students? 

Yes, we will receive full funding for our students whether they are enrolled in Fenton Tiger Virtual Academy or enrolled for face to face.

Are K-5 students required to wear a mask while seated in their classroom?

Because we are cohorting our Young 5’s-5th Grade students and they will not be in direct contact with other classrooms during the day, facial coverings for them will be strongly encouraged but not mandatory.

During Phase 4 masks are required – how will this be enforced? 

Facial coverings will be enforced within the dress code policies in the students handbook.  

During Phase 5 masks are “strongly recommended” – will the district continue to require them?

Facial covering requirements in the Board approved plan for Phase 4 will remain until the Board of Education approves a Phase 5 transition plan.

What facial coverings will staff wear, masks or face shields?

Under Phase 4, staff will be wearing facial coverings, such as masks, face shields do not meet the requirement set forth by the state and CDC.

What will be the district’s response if students or staff do not consistently wear facial coverings? Or if they simply refuse to comply?

Facial coverings are required per the Executive Order and the Board approved plan.

In Phase 4, both staff and students are required and in Phase 5, until further notice pending Board approved Phase 5 transition plan.

Can I change my mind once I choose an option?

Once a parent chooses an option and wants to change their mind before August 14th, they may call the administration office.

If a parent changes their mind after August 14th, you must contact the building Principal.

Y5-5th Grade will be asked to commit for at least a trimester and 6th-12th grade for at least a semester.

Will the schools, specifically the high school, screen people entering the building?

Per Board Approved Plan, all employees and visitors will be screened via a questionnaire.

Questions will include:

  • Whether he or she has experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 within the past 24 hours
  • Whether he or she has traveled internationally in the past 14 days
  • Whether he or she has tested positive for COVID-19, or has been in close contact with anyone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, within the past 14 days.

If the employee, contractor, parent, visitor, or other member of the public answers affirmatively to any of the inquiries on the questionnaire, he or she shall remain home or immediately return home if already on-site. 

If a student has to be quarantined due to exposure or testing positive for COVID-19, will they be marked absent, or will they switch to an online platform?

If the student is feeling well and can perform the tasks that the remote learning platform provides, he or she will still remain on the class list and be considered a remote  student for the time period they are out.

Will there be a designated area for students exhibiting symptoms?

Yes, per the MI Return To School Roadmap, each building will designate a room where students exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will be taken by a FAPS team member until a parent or guardian can pick the student up.  The student will not be able to ride on the bus.

How many positive cases will it take for an entire school building to be shut down for minimally 2 weeks?

There is no set number of cases that would trigger a shut down.  Each case is handled by contacting the Genesee County Health Department and evaluating how many staff and students were in direct contact with the person that has been tested positive for COVID-19.  

What happens if a student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19? 

FAPS will contact the Genesee County Health Department and follow all requirements and guidelines.

If I homeschool, can my child be re-enrolled back at the elementary he attends now?

No, when a student is disenrolled from FAPS and re-enrolls, their placement at the school they were attending is not guaranteed.  The placement is based on each building’s enrollment and classroom size.

Will there be recess and what would that look like?

Our Young 5-5th Grade students will have recess with their own class.

Sections of the playground will be marked off for each class to enjoy with a rotating schedule. Playground equipment will be cleaned daily.

Outdoor classrooms

To every extent possible, classes such a PE, music, and general education classroom will be encouraged to go outside for a period of time.

Will students eat in the cafeteria? Will they be sitting next to other students or will they be socially distanced?

Y5-5th Grade will be eating in the cafeteria with their own class.  The same grade level will be eating at the same time at separate tables. There will be no more than three classes at a time in the cafeteria.

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