MTSS – Grades 9-12

The Fenton High School MTSS team has been working on the following elements of our comprehensive MTSS System: 

  1. Updating school timeline of MTSS plan and implementation
  2. Creating a balanced assessment system to align to our MTSS intervention and enrichment planning
  3. Aggregating student discipline data to be able to identify and help students in need. 
  4. Fine tuning academic support options, such as: AST, Teamed Math Classes, SRT, Peer2Peer, AP, IB, HONORs, DEEP, EMC, Dual Enrollment, GCI, and NHS Tutoring. 
  5. Looking at SEL and Behavior interventions i.e. Class Meetings and Peer2Peer
  6. Understanding SEL and it’s components at the secondary level i.e. SRT, Positivity Project, Peer Tutoring, Counselor Support, Social Work and utilization of a therapy dog. 

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