Learning From Home Resources

Continuous Learning Plan Packets

The Genesee ISD has a number of at home educational packets for all grades levels available to view and download:


Online Resources Provided by FAPS

If your child has a need, please email the call center at covidcallcenter@fentonschools.org or leave a message at 810-591-4717.

If you need any technical assistance please follow the guides below. If you still need help beyond this please call our call center (810-591-4717)

For those that do not have Google Chrome installed on their home computers, click the link below. Students will need this to work on Google Classroom.


This link is to a text version of the installation instructions for Google Chrome.


If your student will be using a PC or Mac to access their Fenton Google account and Google Classroom, these directions guide your through adding their school account to your home installation of Google Chrome.


This recorded video shows how parents and guardians can add their student’s Google account to your home installation of Google Chrome on PC and Mac. It is a video demonstration of the text directions above.


This video demonstrates some of the basics of Google Classroom for parents and guardians of Fenton students. It includes how a student can access Google Classroom, as well as what they will see upon logging in.


Parents of Elementary (Y5/K-5) Aged Students – Guide for how to access Report Cards and Online Grades

Please note the page 43 contains the information needed for how you can view report cards using ParentVue and StudentVue.

View and Download the guide here

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