IB Diploma Program

What is the Diploma Program?
The IB Diploma Program is a comprehensive and challenging pre-university course of study that demands the best from students. The program is taught over two years and has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities. Fenton has been authorized to teach the IB Diploma Program since 2008.

These academically challenging and balanced classes help students develop skills in critical thinking and problem solving, innovation, and initiative. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of concepts studied in these classes, become ready to debate real-world issues from an international perspective, and increase their aptitude for effectively communicating their knowledge, opinions, and ideas.

The IB Diploma Program is for students in grades 11 and 12. Currently at Fenton High School, 168 students participate in the IB Diploma Program by taking one or more Diploma Program classes. Fenton High School’s twelfth cohort of Full Diploma students will graduate in May 2022. These students have taken on the challenge of six Diploma Program classes, the IB Theory of Knowledge class, a research essay and out-of-classroom experiences which are called CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service). The Full Diploma is highly regarded as excellent preparation for success in both career and college.

Additional Parent Resources

Information For Parents – https://www.ibo.org/information-for-parents/

Downloadable Informational PDF – Click Here

For more information, contact our district coordinator, Mark Suchowski, at (810) 591-2610 or msuchowski@fentonschools.org

IB Programme description
Why Choose IB?

Why Choose IB?

  • Global perspective
  • Internationally respected curriculum and assessment
  • National and international recognition
  • Fosters independent thinking and study habits—important preparation for university studies
  • Develops oral communication skills
  • Breadth and depth of coursework produces diverse skills valued by employers
  • Criterion referenced results are unscaled

Who Should Consider IB?

Any student who enjoys learning will benefit. Originally developed for the international community, IB will give students access to universities around the world.

IB Prepares Students To:

  • Ask challenging questions.
  • Learn how to acquire knowledge.
  • Develop a strong sense of their own identity and culture.
  • Develop the ability to communicate with and understand people from other cultures and countries.

The IB programme is rigorous—and THAT is one of its values. It equips young people for responsible world citizenship.

IB Learner Profile

Universities recognize the outstanding qualities of IB Diploma Programme students. Typically, diploma holders are well prepared to debate real-world issues from an international perspective and to provide leadership and support in the local and global community. Through the IB programme, students should recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet while helping to create a better and more peaceful world. IB programmes promote the education of the whole person, emphasizing intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth through all domains of knowledge.

IB Courses Offered at Fenton High School

Fenton High School offer numerous IB courses at the Stand Level (SL) and the Higher Level (HL).

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IB Literature and Language HL
IB French SL and HL
IB Spanish SL and HL
IB History HL
IB Economics SL
IB Biology HL
IB Chemistry SL
IB Math SL
IB Theatre SL
IB Visual Arts SL and HL
Theory of Knowledge

How Can I Participate in the IB Diploma Program

At Fenton High School, there are two different ways to benefit from the IB Diploma Program:

Be a full IB Diploma candidate. A student who completes three higher level IB courses, three standard level IB courses and the core components: a Theory of Knowledge course, an Extended Essay, and dedicated Creativity, Activity, and Service, hours may earn the respected credential known as the full International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Be an IB Certificate candidate. A student who chooses to take one or more IB courses, without completing the additional Diploma Program components, may earn an IB certificate in each of the subjects for which he/she successfully completes the coursework and assessment requirements.

How can I prepare to take IB Diploma Program Courses?

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