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Dear FAPS Families,

As superintendent, I wanted to make sure to reach out before students and staff return tomorrow regarding a few important items.

The following plans are in place and will continue through winter break:

  • Increased Police presence in each of our buildings.
  • Availability of school mental health professionals (counselors/social workers) for students who need assistance processing last week’s tragedy.
  • Continuing to have school safety as a primary focus in our district.  The district will be proactive and assess any potential dangerous situations.
  • Continuing to react quickly to any verbal, written and online threat, or potential threat, by maintaining constant contact with local, state and federal agencies.

We know that the items listed above may, or may not, alleviate your, or your child’s, anxiety.  We understand that each family makes decisions for their child based on what is best for them at that given time.  A number of students were checked out early from school on Thursday and we are aware a number of students may not have attended school if we were in session on Friday.

If you feel it’s best to keep your child home another day, please follow the district’s daily absence protocols.  We are eager to see our students tomorrow and ready to provide an in person learning experience.

Also, please know that we have many amazing people on our FAPS team, including teachers, counselors, social workers and administrators that want to help support your child as needed.  Do not hesitate to reach out and let us know if your child needs extra attention this week.  Tragic events such as the one that took place last week will take a long time for school communities to mentally and emotionally recover.  We are committed to helping our students and families navigate through this difficult time.


Dr. Adam Hartley

Fenton Area Public Schools


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