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July 24, 2020

Dear Fenton Area Public Schools Families,

I sent out the first of many communications last week regarding our goal to return to school in August.  Understandably, that communication prompted many of our families to want more details and created a long list of questions.  We are actively listening and using feedback to help us better understand what our school community is looking for in terms of scheduling and support. Many of the questions our families have will be answered once our plan is finalized.  I originally noted the date of August 6th as the date we will want you to choose between the options.  That date will most likely change based on the fact we want our families to not only be informed of the options in front of them, but to also have time to process what is best for their child and family situation.

Please use this Google Form to ask any general questions you may have regarding returning back to school in the fall.  These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) will be posted on our COVID-19 webpage and will be answered as information becomes available.  If you have a specific question regarding your child, please email and the appropriate FAPS team member will reply.

There are many items we must consider before finalizing our plan including enrollment, staffing and safety measures, along with the requirements and recommendations within the Michigan Return to School Roadmap.  Please keep in mind, as we develop our plan, it is very likely details could change based on a number of factors.

I participated in an online webinar with the Genesee County Health Department on July 22nd and while the webinar was helpful, we are still waiting on specific steps that we as a public school will take if there are any positive cases within our buildings.  These questions will be answered in future updates and on our FAQ page.

We are being thoughtful, listening to our school community and working with our Board, administrative team and teacher union leadership to put forth a plan we feel is the best plan to address teaching and learning during these unprecedented times. We know that our 3,400 plus learners, along with our teachers and support staff, will begin the 20-21 school year looking for a sense of normalcy.  We also know that as a public school district, providing a sense of normalcy is a daunting task during a pandemic.  Our plan may not meet the desired outcome for every family as our school community is large and every family situation is different.  We are working diligently to do the very best we can to accommodate our families.

Teamwork will be the key to success as we move forward.  We commit to communicating with you every step of the way and giving you the proper time to make the tough decision as a parent and/or guardian.  I ask our families to commit to being patient, understanding that each family is different within our amazing school community and to understand information may change based on factors out of our control.  While there are many different points of view and competing opinions regarding COVID-19 within our school community, in the end we are in this together and are working alongside one another to make the best out of a bad situation none of us asked to be in.

I cannot stress enough how important your feedback has been, and will be, as we move forward.  Thank you for utilizing the FAQ form as needed and thank you for understanding we will continue to navigate through this time of uncertainty together as a school community.


Dr. Adam Hartley


Fenton Area Public Schools

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